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At Duomo, We Believe In Empowering The Next Generation Of Stylists Through Education. Join Us And Elevate Your Craft With Duomo's Educational Programs.


Cierra Fleischman

Manolo Colmenero

Ashly Rose

Gizell Ancheta

Shelby Sark

Ruben Vargas

Sarah Ashley

Brett Anderson

Shaun Brezanin

Dax Beauchamp

Collin Martin

Tara May

Jason Bonner

Ashley Adamo

Ryan Teal

Oscar Bond

Steven Statland

Cole Thompson

Nellie LoPresto

Monice Lopez

Alyssa Mikayla

Olivia Mansberger

From mastering the latest techniques to honing your artistic skills, our educators are here to support your journey towards excellence.

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