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Audrey Lambert

Hi, my name is Audrey Lambert. I am a Blonding Specialist based in West Hollywood and Beverly Hills. I grew up in Pleasant Grove, Utah. This is where I found my passion for hair and the beauty industry. The beauty standards in Utah are very complex. You need to embody perfection, but at the same time, you can never be too desirable. Walking this thin line can be very stressful and confusing for everyone involved. In my eyes, beauty has no rules. Every person on this earth deserves to feel beautiful, truly beautiful. We can shift how we think about ourselves and beauty in general by focusing on enhancing our beauty. I use this in my career daily.

As a Blonding Specialist, I strive to create the most unique looks that will not only wow but also suit my client perfectly and bring out their best features. I have been licensed and creating magic for 6 years; the entirety of my career has been dedicated to blonding. I have worked behind the chair in Utah and Nevada and have been in Los Angeles for two years.

This year I opened my salon suite located in West Hollywood! I also guest spot at 7 and Satin Salon in Beverly Hills. I am excited to be educating Duomo not only to be able to share my killer blonding techniques but also to share this fantastic color line that has taken my color services to the next level!

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