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Nellie LoPresto

Nellie Lopresto started her career by graduating from the prestigious Eric Fisher Academy in 2009. After graduating, Nellie moved to Kansas City from Wichita, KS, and eventually found her salon home, Evolve, in a KC suburb. She spent 11 years there, taking every education opportunity she could, including working for 4 companies before finding Duomo. Nellie has experience working with many, many product and color lines and coming into contact with some of the most prestigious names in the industry. In 2020 Nellie purchased the salon she called home and became a salon owner. Since then, she has had to navigate a new business during Covid, hire, fire, train, organize, and bring the salon back to life! Nellie has a ‘science first’ approach to hair color, believing it is essential to know the chemistry behind each product we work with, knowing what a product is capable of and is not capable of. She strongly advises every stylist to know the color wheel inside and out, upside down, and any other way possible first, and then you can break the rules!

Nellie is a mom to 4 indoor cats and 4 outdoor cats. She and her husband live on acreage and love being in the quiet in the middle of nowhere, Missouri. She is an avid reader and podcast listener. Some of her favorite podcasts include ‘Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend,’ ‘The Beauty Brains, and ‘Serial.’ If she’s not reading, you can find Nellie in the kitchen baking or cooking. “Life is too short not to eat dessert!

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