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Olivia Mansberger

Olivia Mansberger is a highly accomplished stylist and educator from Virginia.
Olivia, equipped with a strong educational foundation, studied Chemistry at Virginia Commonwealth University. Her academic background has provided her with a unique perspective in the industry, allowing her to understand the chemical processes involved and the different anatomical aspects. Olivia firmly believes that comprehending the fundamentals is vital for stylists and stresses the importance of understanding not only the “how,” but also the behind their work.
With a passion for hair transformations and a keen eye for detail, Olivia specializes in corrective color and possesses a remarkable ability to transform hair that has been previously damaged or incorrectly treated. Her artistic vision, combined with her technical knowledge, enables her to create stunning, customized solutions for her clients, delivering flawless results and enhancing their natural beauty.
Beyond her skills as a stylist, Olivia is a passionate educator who thrives on sharing her knowledge and inspiring fellow stylists. Through her creative and collaborative classes, she aims to instill a hunger for knowledge in every stylist she connects with. Olivia believes in the power of ongoing education and encourages stylists to continually expand their skill sets and stay at theforefront of the industry.
Olivia brings a scientific approach to her work, while her passion for collaboration and growth fuels her educational endeavors. Whether she is behind the chair or in the classroom, Olivias goal is to empower stylists and inspire them to reach new heights in their careers.

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