Linh Phan is a rapidly rising star in the hair industry and he can't be stopped. He is acclaimed by international players for his cutting-edge approach to beauty. Hisprofessional accomplishments include:

*American Influencer Awards
*2020 hairstylist of the year
*Two time BehindTheChair One Shot award winner
*Two time Russian Hair Dressing awards presenter
*Member of the Schwarzkopf USA artistic team
*Co-creator of the Lucid Nocturne color line with Schwarzkopf Professional
*K18 Hair Ambassador and Educator
*International educator for Hattori Hanzo shears and Schwarzkopf professional
*CEO and founder of Bescene studios
*Co founder of Phanhaus salon and Phanahus+ online and in person education

Linh’s passion is not limited to professional aspirations. He is also a loving partner, father and friend to many. He is a natural leader and willing mentor. And while his professional successes are no doubt exceptional, what has truly shaped him into who he is today is his personal resilience in the face of great challenges. Linh is one who can certainly “talk the talk” because he has truly “walked the walk” through adversity toward a level of success that many can only dream of. It’s the “dream” that keeps him focused on the present and determined to make the most of whatever greatness the future holds

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