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A Story, Made in Italy

The Italian Duomo is recognized around the world for its architectural beauty and spiritual significance.  It serves as an inspiration for artistic design and creativity, as well as a symbol of reverence and honor to the Invisible God.  In its day, the Duomo was the epicenter of city life, wherein life's most meaningful moments had their place.  We believe that every salon serves as a mini-duomo, as the artist takes their place of significance in their clients' pilgrimage through life.  Much like a traditional Duomo, the salon transcends the normal and becomes a spiritual experience.  From birth to death, marriage to divorce, and all of life's graduations in between, stylists take on the responsibility of the beautification of their clients both inside and out.  We know you don't take this position lightly and we honor you, along with all artists, who serve their clients with this larger purpose in mind.

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Our Premium Color Line

Harkening back to a time when only roman royalty could signal their influence through the coloring of their hair, we've set out to offer a legendary color line for the human realm.