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Manolo Colmenero

Manuel Colmenero is from southern Spain and is known most simply as Manolo. He worked as a stylist and attended L’Oreal’s Academy and earned specialized certifications in style cuts and color chemical composition and application.

While living in Spain, Manolo worked as an associate under the world-renowned Lluís Llongueras, whose original styling method revolutionized the hairdressing industry.

Llongueras chose Manolo as one of only 20 stylists from all over Spain for the distinct honor of providing stylist services at the 1992 Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona.Manolo left his native country to bring his talents as a hairstylist and image consultant to the U.S. By 1999, Manolo was working, teaching, and producing hair shows that set the trends for those in his industry to follow. Inspired to broaden his career vision, he launched the first Manolo Salons, a premium full-service salon offering a wide range of image consulting, hair, spa, and beauty services in Dallas, Texas.As Creative Artist, Manolo will assist National Director of Education Wendy Bond in facilitating presentations and shows in the markets throughout the United States.

All the traveling through Europe, Mexico, and the U.S. has given Manolo a genuinely global perspective on the definition of style. With more than three decades in the beauty industry, Manolo remains a pioneer in continuing education and innovative techniques that inspire clients and other salon professionals worldwide.

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